Thursday, 15 July 2010

Government responds to petition against 'homophobic' Pope's visit

The British government is, of course, ignoring all the important points of a petition.

Speaking to, Mr Tatchell complained that Downing Street had agreed to keep the petition open until October but had "unilaterally declared it closed on June 6th".

He added: "The government's response ignores all of the issues raised in the petition apart from the cost of the visit.

"It has nothing to say about concerns expressed on women's reproductive rights, gay equality and the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV.

"In particular, it ignores the Pope's collusion with anti-Semitism by his rehabilitation of Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson and his plan to make a saint of Hitler's Pope Pius XII.

"Amazingly, there is not a word in the government's response about the child sex abuse scandal and the Pope's role in its cover up."

Wonderful, right?

Here's a link to the 'Protest The Pope' official website, which I have joined.

I intend to take part in the protests if I can afford to get to them. If not, I shall have to make do with a big sign in one of my front windows.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Mel Gibson and his fans

Brilliant, another man who think's it's the victim's fault if she gets raped. This man is an asshole. We got a good idea of that with his last drunken rant, this just confirms it. Little wonder his agent has dropped him.
- Me

@whisperelmwood I'm sure he's not so stupid. He's saying he run to advise her (in his most momentarily frustrated frame of mind) if she attracted the wrong kind of attention and gets raped.

Teasing men is simply cruel. Doing it in front of your man is to disregard him. What redeeming qualities do you really need to defend in this woman? (Comment removed by moderators, but turned up in my email anyway)

@whisperelmwood you're a fool. You sound like a woman. (Comment removed by moderators, but turned up in my email anyway)

@whisperelmwood foolish words.


Yes, I am a woman. This has what baring on this? Other than perhaps my understanding how it feels to be treated like shit by an arrogant, racist and sexist man?

Mel Gibson is indeed stupid. He is racist, sexist, bigoted, arrogant and an asshole. He is not telling his ex-girlfriend any such thing as 'advice', he is purely, outright ranting his head off at her in the most disgusting way.

It is clear from his ranting that he does indeed think that if a woman dresses provocatively, she deserves it if she get's raped. That is disgusting, despicable. And no, no it is not her fault, EVER, if a woman get's raped. Dressing 'provocatively' or 'sexily' in no way should allow any man to touch her without her permission - if a woman wants to dress like that, fine, she's allowed and should not have to be scared of some asshole forcing himself on her because of it.

Dressing like that is in no way 'teasing' men and is in no way 'cruel'. If a man can't keep it in his pants, that is HIS problem, NOT hers.

Grow the fuck up.

A woman pissed off at Mel Gibson's fans' attempt's to excuse his sexism and racism.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Comment Moderation

Sorry guys, I have to put moderation on for a bit, I've been getting nothing but porn-links in the comments section the past couple weeks. As soon as it's settled down, and they've pissed off to bug someone else, I'll take it off again.

Evolution Song

Speaks for itself.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani

Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani is a forty-three year old mother of two children, 16 & 20 year old respectively. Both Sakine's children and her lawyer tried everything they could to stop the stoning sentence, as a result of committing adultery. However, her stoning is finalized by the Iran's court. Sakine is in Tabriz prison awaiting her imminent stoning sentence.

I'm sure you've all heard about this by now, but here's the petition that is an attempt to repeal her sentence:

Stop Stoning [of] Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani

This is a vile and despicable act, being enforced by a medieval patriarchy on a helpless woman for a jumped up charge. Sign the petition, if you can do no more.

There is also a 'protest' taking place on the 11th of this month:

July 11: International Day Against Stoning

Stoning is execution by torture, an act of sheer barbarism and a hideous crime against humanity. Stoning is practised by Islamic governments and groups imposing the Islamic Sharia law. Hundreds of women and men have been killed, or are awaiting death, in this gruesome way.

Such savagery and barbarism must not be tolerated. Stopping stoning must be a priority for all humanitarian organizations and individuals throughout the world. We must put an end to this barbaric act once and for all.

Offical Stop Stoning Now website.

To show your condemnation against stoning and support for Sakine, during the week of 5-11 July, take stones to your city centres, universities, media outlets, workplaces… and put them in a public place, with a message in support of Sakine and against stoning and executions.

Monday, 5 July 2010

'Virginity Spot Test'

Oh now what the hell is this?

Convicted Rapists Go Free After Acupuncturist's Absurd "Virginity Test"

In Vietnam, acupuncturist Pham Thi Hong has announced the existence of a virginity spot, a small red spot that she alleges male virgins have on the back of their ears, which disappear after engaging in sexual intercourse with a woman. Her outrageous claims and vehement insistence that three men convicted of gang rape were innocent because they possessed a virginity spot led Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet to reopen the case. The men convicted of gang rape were then released.

What. The. Fuck.

Right. Let's just hand over the judicial system of every fuckin' country to the Woomiesters! Them and their utterly wondrous wooey powers will SAVE US ALL.

Because NO-ONE is going to try and use these stupid fucks and their stupid fucking woo to fuck with the system at all, are they?

Ass holes. Stupid fucking, stuck up their own asses, assholes.

Muslim's attack lecturer

Alleging blasphemy, fanatics hack [off] lecturer's hand

In a truly surprising turn of events - I joke - a Lecturer accused of blasphemy has had his hand lopped off in an attack by Fundie Muslim's.

In a horrific instance of Talibanism, Muslim fanatics in Kerala on Sunday chopped off the right hand of a college lecturer, accusing him of setting a question paper with a derogatory reference to the Prophet.

Lecturer T J Joseph was returning home from church with his mother and sister around 8.30 am in Muvattupuzha in Ernakulam district when he was accosted by the attackers. "We had just got into our car when a van pulled up in front. Around eight people armed with swords and knives emerged and pulled out Joseph after smashing the windscreen.
They then chopped off his right hand and stabbed him in the left thigh," said Joseph's sister, Mary Stella, a nun.

Such a wonderful and adult way to react to someone making an alleged derogatory comment about ones diety!

And they wonder why people are so pissed off with them. Assholes.

Homeopathy; a load of piss

And oldy, but a goody.


Or Pariedolia, whichever spelling you prefer.

Daily Mail has today preinted any article showcasing some examples of Jesus appearing in random stains and objects! So much fun!

Face of Jesus seen from the heavens by internet fan using Google Earth

My own paradolia has given me these reults for each image:

The fields: Hitler (rather effemenite, but still Hitler!)

Pipe stain: The face of David

Iron: Darwin

Bottle: Disney version of Zeus

Marmite lid: John Lennon

Frying pan: This is the only one that looks like the westernised version (albiet a little longer/horsier in the face) of Jesus - though I'm also seeing Mona Lisa!

What do you guys see in these images?