Sunday, 4 July 2010

'Freedom of Worship'

This man is SO FAR up his own ass, I don't know where to start.

"For those with ears to hear in Gaston Hall that day, the promotion of the so-called LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/ transgendered) agenda had just been declared a human rights priority of the United States, in the same sentence in which the secretary of state had offered an anorexic description of religious freedom that even the Saudis could accept."


And a comment on the video caught my eye:

This is not about equality because homosexuals already have that. It is about trying to get attention and have others be force to say what they are doing is okay. We don't have to do this. Why would we? What they do is dangerous even to themselves. Homosexuality is linked to sexual abuse of minors, more so than any other activity. So it is not discrimination to say that homosexual practices are a negative to our society.

My response is pending approval:

The LGBT community does NOT have equal rights yet. I can't believe you are also linking homosexuality to pedophilia! That is such an erroneous claim, with zero evidence to back it up! Yes it IS discrimination to claim LGBT is a negative to our society, it is discrimination and bigotry and pure hate speech based on nothing but homophobia from the religious masses.

YouTube's comment boxes have severely limited text availability these days, you can barely talk to someone on that forum, let alone argue with them. I wonder if my commet will even get through the moderation.


Another comment that caught my eye:

No, it's not that simple. Part of the so-called "gay agenda," for example, is to use our public schools to try to convince children that homosexuality is normal and acceptable: this is not equal treatment, it's propaganda. Further, the "gay agenda" in my state, WA, includes SPECIAL rights for gays that NO OTHER group gets: the right to "express" characteristics of your minority status without fear of discrimination at work or in housing. That is not equal at all.


And my reply, currently pending approval:

Homosexuality IS normal and IS acceptable. These 'gay agenda' things you complain about would not be needed in a truly equal world, LGBT people would be able to express themselves without fear of reprisal - which they currently do, hence the need for these rights being put in place, they are there to protect them from the types of homophobics that react violently or in discriminatory ways! You're right that it's not equal, but not in the way you obviously assume.

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