Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Do we love Henry Rollins?

Oh, yes we do.

I'm working on teh Homeopathy essay at the moment XD It's nearly done - honest!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Tom Cruise on Psychiatry

Right. Anyone else notice how he stumbles around and avoids the direct, easily answerable questions?

Yeah. I think he's full of it as well.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Random thoughts....

Legal Age to Marry: 16 - with parents/guardians consent - 18 otherwise

Legal Age to Become Parents: 16 (though it is becomming more and more accepted for girls younger than that to be allowed to keep their pregnancies)

Legal Age to Drive: 17

Legal Age to Join the Forces: 16 - with parents/guardians consent - 18 otherwise

Legal Age to Drink: 18

Legal Age to Vote: 18

So, basically, you can join the army, get married and have children at 16. But you can't vote on who makes the laws/runs the government, until you're 18.

I'm amused by the things you can do by law, without being old enough to vote for the people that pout that law in place.

Make sense to any one else? Because it certainly doesn't to me.

(Just a random thought, really - becasue I just noticed that the elgal voting age used to be 21 - and really, that's even more laughable - considered adult enough to marry and have children, join the forces and die for your country, but not vote for who tells you these things? Laughable.)

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Project Chanology Update

The next protest is now confirmed as April 12th.

Find your nearest Protest Location on this forum.

Please remember to stay with your group and stay safe. Wear a mask if possible, if not, hide your face in some other fashion (scarves are suggested) and try to look unobtrusive.

Remember that the protest is PEACEFULL. Follow the rules of your particular protest and STAY LEGAL.

Have a good protest!







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