Sunday, 25 November 2007

Child Services are at it again

Yes yes, I'm sure they do a stellar job when they actually try, but this is just another sickening story pinpointing the fact that when they're left to their own devices they fuck things up royally.

Fran Lyon moves to Europe to stop CPA from taking her baby

All the medical evidence supports the fact that this young woman is psychologically healthy and poses no risk to either her unborn child or herself.

But instead of taking this evidence into consideration and backing off, they are using evidence from a man who confesses he has never met her, and simply suggested that if it is proven that she may harm her child, then watch her 24-7.

I honestly think the Child Services should open their damn doors and stop working in the secrecy that is supposedly to 'protect children' - when it is obvious that it protects no-one but themselves.

When agencies are allowed to work in secret, accountable to no-one like this for years, they get complacent, egotistical - they accept criticism from no-one. If there is dissension amongst the ranks, that person or group simply gets kicked out and legally barred from speaking out.

It should be stopped now, before further problems are created, more children are needlessly taken from their homes and parents (like the family wrongly accused of abusing their son, had all three children adopted out and then had to flee to Ireland when they had a fourth) and mother's needlesly accused of infanticide.

The money currently used to needlessly convict 'suspect' parents, could then be better used on fixing the fostering system.

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