Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Project Chanology Update

The next protest is now confirmed as April 12th.

Find your nearest Protest Location on this forum.

Please remember to stay with your group and stay safe. Wear a mask if possible, if not, hide your face in some other fashion (scarves are suggested) and try to look unobtrusive.

Remember that the protest is PEACEFULL. Follow the rules of your particular protest and STAY LEGAL.

Have a good protest!



Psychodiva said...

darnit- I can't get to London on that day- and I can't find one near Bristol which would be better :(

Donna said...

Hannah- did your mum tell you I just did a rant on my "private" blog about Tom "Cruised"?? He pissed me off when he got on Oprah
and gave his medical protocol for
Brooke Shields post partum depression- that she didn't need any Rx's, she needed vitamins, etc.
He now runs United Artists- MGM gave him that "tentacle" to play with. So I will not see ANYTHING
that studio touches. What a butthead.

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