Thursday, 16 October 2008

Homeopathy Again

Remember that Homeopathy essay I wrote back in July? Well, the other day I recieved a couple of comments on it (two, apparently JB couldn't figure out that my comments are now moderated.)

I won't repost his comment, mostly because it was too damn long and I can't be bothered beyond linking you guys to it in the link above.

I am not a scientist, I don't even profess to understand much of what goes on in the sciences these days, I'm an artist, and it shows - I may read a lot (and these days I do read a lot more science than I did as a kid) but that doesn't give me any amazing abilities to suddenly understand everything and anything. So don't expect me to.

I will safely say, however, that everything I have read, ever, about Homeopathy shows it to be nothing but a big pile of steaming dog-turds.

If you want to read something that is more science based than my own essay, try The Calladus Blog's essay Why Homeopathic Medicine Does NOT Work. It's far better written than my own, and goes much further in depth. For those of you with a scientific background, it should fill your craving for real science (and probably make you feel sick, but that's not Calladus' fault, it's the Homeopaths.)

Suffice to say, nothing JB said in his comment changed my mind and I stand by my opinion.


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