Monday, 15 June 2009

Book burning - Milwaukee style!

Milwaukee Group Seeks Fiery Alternative to Materials Challenge

A Christian group with predominantly eldery members, has declared that their local library shouldn't be allowed to stock 'Baby Be-Bop' by celebrated author Francesca Lia Block.

The group is basically attempting to have the book declared obscene and to have it taken off the shelves, stating that it may incite violence and

“put one’s life in possible jeopardy, adults and children alike.”

This I have to see.

Ah hah - found it on Amazon.

Here's the summary:

Baby Be-Bop is Dirk's story. It begins way back before he met Duck. And even before he was Weetzie's best friend. It's about a time when Dirk was much younger. He didn't have the cool hair, or the cool car. He wasn't into pogo-ing through the mosh-pit at gigs. And he didn't have a slinkster dog loping along at his side. But he did have a secret. A secret he'd forced deep down inside himself. It was the truth about the real Dirk, something he'd always known but was afraid to share with the world. Baby Be-Bop is the story of Dirk before he told the world he was gay. And what happened after. Francesca Lia Block steps back in time to Dirk's childhood in this closing volume in the Dangerous Angels series. It's the story of Dirk's coming out, of his family's struggle to accept his sexuality, and of Dirk finally finding happiness with Weetzie and her crew. Compassionate, understanding, sometimes surreal, but always completely honest, this is a tale every teen should read.

It's about gay teens! No wonder they want it removed! Can't have their own children learning about homosexuality, and that it's not actually a perversion incited by Satan. Oh no.

*rolls her eyes*

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