Saturday, 25 July 2009

'God told me to do it'

More accusers set to testify against evangelist

Once again, some indescribably fucked up bastard is using the 'god told me to' defense.

The woman said she was a third-generation Alamo follower into adulthood — until the Arkansas-based pastor took an 8-year-old as his latest bride. At one point, the woman said, she objected when Alamo graphically described how he fondled the girl as she held a stuffed animal.

"He told me to shut up and that I shouldn't question what `the Lord told me to do,'" the woman said.

Yes, because it's the perfect fucking defense for raping and abusing underage girls, forcing them to marry him in sham weddings and basically keeping iron-fisted control of a hoard of brain-washed followers.

In her earlier testimony, the woman said she felt forced to become one of Alamo's brides at age 15. Alamo said the Lord had told him to take her as his wife, and that she feared she and her family would be shunned if she did not submit, she testified.

"We didn't have anywhere to go," said the woman, whose parents and grandparents were also Alamo followers.

Unspeakable bastard. The part I am disliking, is that he's only going to get ten years for this, if he's found guilty!

Forcing fifteen year olds to marry him, taking them to his bed and sexually abusing girls as young, if not younger than, eight? And he's only getting ten years?

Granted, he's getting a $250,000 fine per count, but what the fuck? Ten years? That's it?

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Angie Jackson said...

Yes, it's a very screwy system when child rape yields a lesser sentence than being a poor minority in possession of drugs. Crimes against PROPERTY (theft, imbezzlement, yadda yadda) have heavier sentences than raping a child. Personally I think it should be life in prison, since post-rape rehabilitation does not seem to work. (Some studies that treating someone BEFORE they commit an act, can prevent them from becoming full blown perverts.)

It must have taken incredible strength for that woman to come forward. Generational cults are freaking HARD. I was born in one but there was nothing like what Alamo did going on (because we had an asexual old woman for a cult leader).