Wednesday, 30 June 2010

US republican senate nominee rules out abortion even for rape and incest.

Sharron Angle made some comments on the Bill Manders show.

I confess myself not in the least bit surprised by this news. Though it does disgust me - and make me pity you guys across the pond for having to put up with this sort of shit.

Here's a transcript:

Manders: I, too, am pro life but I'm also pro choice, do you understand what I mean when I say that.

Angle: I'm pro responsible choice. There is choice to abstain, choice to do contraception. There are all kind of good choices.

Manders: Is there any reason at all for an abortion?

Angle: Not in my book.

Manders: So, in other words, rape and incest would not be something?

Angle: You know, I'm a Christian and I believe that God has a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives and that he can intercede in all kinds of situations and we need to have a little faith in many things.

The audio can be found here, on the HuffPost article: 'God has a plan'

This is truly disgusting - I've blogged about this sort of thing before, so I'm sure anyone who's read my previous comments will know how I feel about just such a subject.

Hopefully her truly hard-line tendencies will cause her great problems in furthering her career, but after watching US Politics, I have my doubts.

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