Sunday, 27 January 2008

Heath Ledger's Funeral - Westboro Picketing

I've just heard on the radio that the Westboro Baptist Church plan to picket Heath Ledger's funeral, as well as the Oscars.

See, I'm sickened by this 'Church' at the best of times. This entire family is disgusting to me, in every way, shape and form. I don't normally 'hate' religious people - each to their own - but this lot don't just passively follow their religion, they go out and destroy peoples lives! I've seen and read numerous reports of them picketing the funerals of soldiers who fought in Iraq.

One of the worst things to see at the funeral of your own child, is a bunch of idiots waving banners telling you your child is going to 'Hell' for being a 'Fag Enabler'. Whether religious or not, this is not something anyone should have to go through.

Here are their actual words on the matter:

Los Angeles Shrine & Exposition Center 700 W 32nd St. This is for the Screen Actors Guild Awards where they will be "honoring" dead pervert Heath Ledger. He's in Hell! He portrayed a fag in a movie, touting himself as a fag-enabler! This is a good time to crack Romans 1:32! He knows that God hates fags! We've told him since he was at least 14 years of age, warning you perverted Americans to FLEE THE SWORD! He didn't obey, but used his megaphone as an actor to say, "It's OKAY to be Gay!" In addition, he is also a fornicater and an adulterer, which make the fires of Hell burn even hotter for his stinking carcass. If you live the way this presumptous fool did, you will join him in like manner very shortly now! Fear God! See also and type in "Heath in Hell" for a video done by our pastor on this subject.

It's already sad enough that this talented young man has died and left behind a two year old daughter - do these people have to go and make it worse for his family, friends and fans?

It sickens me.

And to Xtians who say 'they aren't real Christians' - I'm afraid they really are. They use the same damn book as you, they quote the same damn quotes. They just happen to abide by the book in it's entirety, rather than picking and choosing which bits they like.

I await the day other Xtians get off their arses and shut this lot up permanently - but in a world where Freedom of Speech is sacrosanct, there's not really much we can do about them.



Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Of course they will only have the balls to picket his memorial in the states as the funeral will take place in Australia - where they would get locked up and then deported.

Psychodiva said...

Oh I would love to see them try something in Australia or the UK- just give us a chance to confront them and show them what true free speech is.

Fatboy said...

Those people will say anything to get notoriety. These are the same people that protest at soldiers funerals for some unknown reason stating that homosexuality is the cause of all the worlds problems. Don't give those psycho hillbillies any more attention and they will go away