Friday, 15 February 2008

Resubmission c.c

Apparently my petition was:

classed as being in the following categories:
* Language which is offensive, intemperate, or provocative

So I have reworded it (in my mind, sugar-coated it) and resubmitted c.c

consider temporary sterilisation for girls aged 12 to 18, in order to lower teenage pregnancy, allow our children to grow up before becoming parents and allow these teenagers to instead recieve further education, giving them a better chance at well paid employment.
Teenage pregnancy is a growing problem in the United Kingdom, with teenage birthrates far exceeding those of many European countries. All previous attempts to lower the rates are demonstrably failing and aiding the creation of a growing population of children who are often fatherless and dispossessed. Few teenagers have the maturity to correctly care for their children, often being of an age where they would rather be out with their friends. Temporary sterilisation of girls aged 12 to 18 would drastically lower the teenage birthrates and allow these children to reach maturity in a normal fashion as well as further their own education, in turn creating more young adults who can and will obtain acceptable or well paid jobs.

Hrm. Not entirely sure if this will ever get through, because it is in and of itself, a 'provocative' subject. Anyway, here's hoping.


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Psychodiva said...

Very provocative. You know I'm going to mention human rights etc etc :) you have to be able to argue against all the arguments.