Friday, 1 February 2008

Happy Birthday To Me! *dances*

It's almost 03:00 - so....

It's my birthday! ^^ I turn 25 at 13:00!

Matt already gave me his presents XD

Naruto 11 (YAAAAAYYY!!!)
Inu Yasha 01
Claymore 01
World of Warcraft Trading Card Game starter boxset XD

I can't believe he me got the WoW card game! I was OBSESSED with Magic back in the day! Let's just see how obsessed I get with this XD

(I was soooo competative! I used to REALLY enjoy beating the shit out of people with my Red/Blue deck - which I still have somehwere c.c)

My plans for the day revolve around visiting the doc, visiting the vet and then spending the evening vegging in front of the TV c.c



Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Happy Birthday, mine was yesterday.

Got a PS3 and some socks :)

Psychodiva said...

yaay Happy Birthday :)

I feel really old now :(

We will be there at lunchtime- reafdy for movies and food :) the CD's are on their way in the post - sorry :)