Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Moved and settled!

We're back and settled in Wiltshire!

We spent a quiet week without telephone/internet access, basically packing and working. Then Mom arrived Friday evening and kicked our asses into high gear to pack quicker XD

Saturday was then also spent packing ALL DAY, a chinese meal for dinner while watching the latest Dr Who and then an early night.

Sunday was then spent getting the boxes, furniture, bags and white goods into the van. Then the drive down - the cats went with mom and me in her car.

Only thing of notable interest during the drive was at the lunch-stop. Mom and I sat in the window at BK and watched as three men literally carressed a silver BMW, as if it were a woman and they were in love with her c.c They were truly scary.

We all arrived in one piece, put the cats (still in their boxes) in my office and closed them in there until all the boxes were emptied from the van and into the garage.

When we finally let the cats out, Moogle and Twisp were all over the place, inspecting, sniffing, looking around - while Spork stayed well back in his box looking terrified c.c I think the car drive traumatised him.

Anyway, our bedroom is all set up and my office is now also in perfect working order - it has a proper desk and everything (there's even room to have my drawing board up!) and loads of shelf space for all my books.

The cats are all settling in nicely - all three skirt tentatively round Oscar (mom and dads cat) who apparently smacked one of them on the head this morning XD Moogle refuses to go anywhere near moms gargoyle on the fire place (it looks a bit like a bulldog with wings) - the first time she saw it, she hissed, fluffed up and ran away XD Now she walks past it with as much distance as she can manage XD it's amusing. The kittens aren't bothered by it in the slightest.

Mostly, it's just bloody brilliant to be back in Wiltshire again - this is home to me and I've missed it.

Bayly popped over this evening and we went out for a few hours - went up to Westbury White Horse and enjoyed the views and did an awful lot of chatting. It's great to see Bayly again after a year XD We plan to go out again thursday, on his day off.

Matt is already looking for jobs and I've started looking into advertising with the town magazine and exhibiting in the town gallery.

I'm already feeling much happier and lighter here. All things are good now.


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Good to hear you are settled. Got myself a new computer :P

Hannah King said...

and its good to have her home :) I don't even mind the music :)

what sort of computer?

Hannah King said...

I just realised H logged in and I am not lol- that was psychodiva- the comment above :) and this one cos I cannot be bothered to log out and in

Hannah King said...

*lol* Mom gaffed - oh dear ^^ Sorry! Next time I'll log out properly XD

Sean - thanks! ^^ what type is it?