Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Gloria's parents finally sentenced.

Parents jailed over baby's death

I blogged about baby Gloria, who died of treatable, though serious eczema in 2002, a couple months ago. Now, finally, her parents have been sentenced.

Her father, a Homeopath, was jailed for 6 years, yet still faces further trial (for allegedly threatening his lawyers). Her mother was jailed for four years.

They were both convicted of 'most serious case of manslaughter by criminal negligence', after the court was told Gloria died in screaming pain, from serious health problems that could have been prevented, and indeed, they had neglected to take her to hospital a number of times, despite appointments being booked.

It was noted that both parents were well educated and would have known their baby was in pain and very unwell. It was also noted that Gloria's parents lingered due to 'jet-lag', rather than immediately taking their daughter to hospital after returning from India.


What these people did to their daughter was disgusting. The poor baby was constantly screaming and crying, her skin broken and weeping, she was wasting away and in constant, constant pain. Yet, instead of taking the baby to hospital and getting her the treatment that would have saved her life, they repeatedly missed appointments, refused treatment and 'treated' her with homeopathic remedies instead.

These people should not be allowed to have further offspring and they should not be allowed anywhere near any child ever again. Ten and four years just doesn't seem enough for what they did.

Maybe now, some people will realise that homeopathy is a load of balls. When used instead of life-saving treatment, it leads to this.

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