Sunday, 7 December 2008

The End Of Bratz!

YES! Mattel, I think I love you XD

Mattel wins permanent injunction vs MGA in Bratz case

I have hated Bratz since they first appeared on the shelves a number of years ago - those dolls seriously pissed me off.

All the girls were dressed as tarts/sluts/whores (take your pick) with lips so large they surely must have been designed specifically for fellatio and caked in so much make-up if any child tried to emulate it, they'd need a high power hose or a trowel (or both) to get it off again;

the boys were all jocks/punks/skaters (again, take your pick) and while this is slightly less annoying than the girls, they still pissed me off with their stupid trousers and artfully mussed hair, tattoos and piercings;

worst of all however, were the 'Baby Bratz' which still had the fellatio lips, caked-on make-up and luxurious hair!

EVERY time I saw these things on the shelf, I ranted about them. Literally and to whomever poor sod was shopping with me at the time. Normally the rant goes along the lines of never letting my own daughter anywhere near them, prefering Barbie or Sindy any day and calling the dolls tarts/sluts/whores (and yes, sometimes within hearing of staff and/or parents.)

Now - my wish apears to have come true - Bratz are off the shelves!

Now I just hope they never come back.

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