Thursday, 25 December 2008


I found myself some time XD

Mom and Dad got me a Webcam&Mic with Skype wassnames! Which means I can chat with Gilles and Becca! YAY!

They also got me a Wacom Bamboo!!!!!!! *dances around with her new tablet* I'm in the middle of reading the booklet and pondering setting it up RIGHT NOW XD

I got many DVDs XD '4400' 'Hellboy 2' 'Sweeny Todd and 'The Secret Garden'; and CDs 'Amy Macdonald' and 'The Streets 2 in 1'; and a couple of books 'The Tales Of Beedle The Bard' and 'The Well-Bred Person's Book Of Etiquette'; and other stuff! A big box of assorted papers and new pyjamas and plenty of socks and even a paint-it-yourself Piggy Bank! Oh - and Matt even found one of those 'Harry Potter Twenty Questions Snitches'! (So far it correctly guessed Severus Snape, Firebolt and Harry Potter - but failed to guess Hannah Abbot - it thought I meant Susan Bones XD)

I've been helping out in the kitchen - we plan to eat at 3ish - and I've been running around all day with bells and a fairy wand in my hair, wearing a Christmas Hat and playing Sudoku with my new Sudoku book XD

The cats are seriously enjoying having balled up wrapping paper thrown at them, and really loved the treat of Tuna ^^

This is so brilliant! XD

*Sings along to Amy Macdonald*


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Psychodiva said...

LOL! twas fun - glad new family members have got over the shock of our festivities as well :)