Tuesday, 2 December 2008

That's settled it.

I've made the decision.

I'm sending to Bath Spa University for a Prospectus about their PGCE courses, specifically the 'Art And Design for Secondary Education' course.

I'm extremely happy that they actually offer that course there, because I've had problems before finding a university close enough that offers it. Luckily, Bath Spa is only a bus and train ride away.

However, I think I'll have to learn to drive as well, because the school placements won't be on the train system, and eventually, I'll need to drive from home to work and back again.

(I entertain the idea of teaching Art at my old Secondary School, under my old Art teachers. That would be ironic and amusing to the extreme XD Though, remembering how much I hated two of the three, if I do end up training or even working there, it probably won't be as much fun in reality as it is in my head...)

Anyway, I'm reading 'How To Survive You First Year In Teaching' and looking up the details of paying for the year-long course. Again luckily, the £3225 doesn't need to be paid up-front, nor do I have to pay it back until I'm earning £15,000pa.

The next course starts in September 09, so until then, I'll need to get a job - and I'm going to call up about this recently advertised job as an 'Assisted Play Assistant' for a nursery for disabled children tomorrow. That job starts in January and is until the end of the summer term. I have experience in both nurseries and working with disabled children (though that was incredibly brief) and if I get it, it should help with my interview for the PGCE.

I've also emailed my cousin to see what advice she can give me, because she's taking a Teaching Course (in Drama, I think?) at the moment, in Cardiff.

Oh, and I've got to take my portfolio to the interview - so there's something I need to work on again! It's a good excuse to get painting again, though.

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