Friday, 6 March 2009

Brazillian Catho's still at it

My previous post makes mention of the Catho's being COMPLETE arseholes over a case of child rape and the subsequent abortion of the twins she was carrying.

This is the SAME story, but it now turns out the Catho's want to excommunicate all the adults who helped that child get the abortion that SAVED HER LIFE.

Rape Row Sparks Excommunications

This is just SICK. They are in such a fucking tizzy over that poor child (who we now know was repeatedly abused, from the age of six - it's also suspected that her handicapped elder sister was also abused) and her need to have an abortion. They are treating the doctors and her mother as if they were murders in all but name.

I am TRULY disgusted by this.

Apparently the women's rights groups in Brazil are getting up in arms - and they seriously should be. The Catho's there are being absolutely disgusting.

Why are they not taking a step back from their knee-jerk religious reaction and thinking about the fucking children - babies really! - caught up in this?

No. Of course they won't. They don't give a fucking shit, do they? All they care about are the collection of cells that were threatening the life of the baby carrying them. They, of course, have far more right to exist than the child who was repeatedly sexually abused.


It'll be a cold day in fucking hell, before I visit that country.

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