Thursday, 12 March 2009

More junk science from the Crown Prince

Seriously - do I need another reason to dislike the Royal family? No. Not really. But Charles has gone and given me another one anyway.

He's just released his own brand of 'Detox' supplements! Lovely.

As I'm sure we should all know by now - Detox is a myth. A big one. All that stuff being touted as Detoxifying is little more than a way to make your pee/poo different colours/smells. (Same, amusingly, goes for all these uneccessary 'multi-vitimin' supplements - different pee every time! Ugh.)

There's no proof for it (and the simplest bloody test would provide some, if it did - y'know, blood tests before and after, on some test subjects and controls? Nah. Didn't think they'd want too) there never has been and there never will be. The Prince and his advisors know this.

Even Edzard Ernst told them so. But did Charles listen? Did he heck. And he's selling his bloody stuff for £10 a 50ml bottle!

Anyway - here's the article: Prince Charles' 'detox' quakery

Some quotes.

Edzard Ernst, the UK's first professor of complementary medicine, said the Duchy Originals detox tincture was based on "outright quackery".

But Professor Ernst of Peninsula Medical School said Prince Charles and his advisers appeared to be deliberately ignoring science, preferring "to rely on 'make-believe' and superstition".

He added: "Prince Charles thus financially exploits a gullible public in a time of financial hardship."

Professor Ernst said the suggestion that such products remove toxins from the body was "implausible, unproven and dangerous".

"Nothing would, of course, be easier than to demonstrate that detox products work. All one needed to do is to take a few blood samples from volunteers and test whether this or that toxin is eliminated from the body faster than normal," he said.

Seriously. It's bad enough that the Royal's support Homeopathy. This is just going too far.

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