Monday, 9 March 2009

For those who missed it: Dawkins in Oklahoma

I'm waiting for more to turn up. Hopefully, someone will put the entire lecture and question/answer section, because that bloke in the second video? Made his little protest during the Q&A session, but was being annoying all the way through the lecture.

Oklahoma Representative Todd Thomsen, wrote this bit of legslature, when he first found out Dawkins had been asked to lecture: Download Document

Oklahoma hates Richard Dawkins
Thoughts from Kansas - March 5, 2009 - Josh Rosenau

Richard Dawkins: banned in Oklahoma?
Pharyngula - March 5, 2009 - PZ Myers

Oklahoma legislator proposes resolution to condemn Richard Dawkins
RDnet - March 6, 2009 - Todd Thomsen

Dawkins lecture draws thousands at OU
Vocal protester condemns British scientist
The Norman Transcript - March 07, 2009 - Adam Scott

Darwin backer’s talk draws foes
Legislative resolutions filed in House over OU visit
Oklahoman - March 7, 2009 - Tim Talley

Censorship Is Wrong
Evolution News & Views / The Discovery Institute - March 6, 2009 - Michael Egnor

(With that last one, I find myself wondering where they got the idea that Dawkins advocates censorship...?)

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