Sunday, 19 April 2009

And now, something completely different...

Bookshelf; an Odd Ode

A simple foot, maybe more, above my head;
Lies nothing interesting to take to bed.

An ancient, foot-long bible, old sketch books;
Overflowing folders, sticks chosen for scent, not looks.

Here, lower, easy to find, ‘Persuasion’, ‘The Tangle Box’;
There, even more so, Kelley Armstrong or Robert Holdstock.

Not a library, by any means, not even close;
But just enough rhyme and (fiction or not) prose,

To keep me (Pratchett) amused, (Pullman) tearful, (Gaiman) ecstatic;
With books enough, (hundreds, if not more) genres erratic.

Not just books, but trinkets, gifts, many keepsakes;
Adorning your shelving, making you creak and ache.

A stripy vase, peacock feathers, a bust of (not Merry, but) Pippin;
A collection of Christmas earrings, in a small, clear, tin.

Bookshelf, to you I write this (rather) Odd Ode;
Though, perhaps, better expressed in another mode.

You stand tall, sturdy and safe, best friend to lazy nights;
Refreshing calm, soothing romance, inviting adventure, in replace of days full of blight.

‘Step up!’ you say, ‘Look here!’ offering your wares;
‘I have everything you need!’ a simple wooden friend that cares.

At least once a day, (twice, thrice, more!) I peruse your shelving;
Forever happy that you are here, ready for the delving.

I will often re-stock you, adding to your weight, your strain;
But you will stand strong, holding my hand, especially during dull rain.

So, thank-you bookshelf, for your steady work;
Here’s hoping you continue, despite the odd little quirks,

To hold entertainment for me, and mine, for many years to come;
And foster the reader, writer, learner, and stave off the dumb.

Bookshelf; an Odd Ode
Hannah King

( I'm not a poet, I don't write poetry often, this was written for a challenge XD )