Thursday, 30 April 2009

I marvel at the stupidity...


Evolution in First Grade?

Well, it's happened. My first-grader came home the other day excited to tell me that "my teacher says dinosaurs lived millions of years ago!!" :XD:

Oh jeez. I knew it would happen, I just didn't know it would be so soon. Last year we had a talk about this and I told her that the earth hasn't even existed for millions of years so how the heck can dinosaurs. I think it's all words to her right now; she doesn't know the difference between six thousand and four billion. I'm not pushing her to understand. But I will definitely be ready for any questions she wants to ask.

(For any of my viewers who didn't know, I come from a creationist family. We believe that scientific findings point to a 6,000 year old earth and that the dating methods used to support the theory of evolution are flawed and inaccurate, partly because they fail to take into account a global flood that occurred 4,500 years ago. Factor in the effects of this flood, which is recorded by nearly every civilization but mysteriously rejected by evolutionists, then substitute the flawed dating method with a more accurate one, and you will ultimately come up with a much younger earth...which would be impossible without a creator. :) Tada.)


Yes, I believe there were dinosaurs. :D They were created during the same 6 days as everything else, and they are even mentioned after the flood in scripture, so I believe Noah took their kind onto the ark. You know that before the flood lifespans were longer, right? God said that after the flood a human's lifespan would decrease until it did not exceed 120 years. Some scientists say there was a "water canopy", a protective firmament in the atmosphere that made conditions on earth optimal for us to survive, and that during the flood this firmament rained down and altered the conditions on earth. Well before the flood, animals had longer lifespans too. The cool thing about lizards is that unlike us they spend their entire lives growing. The older the lizard, the bigger he'll be. So if you have a 500-year-old iguana...that's going to be one huge honking iguana. lol. I think that's where most of our "dinosaurs" came from.

Has she, perhaps, considered the idea that evolution is taught because it's TRUE?

She seems to enjoy spouting Hovind bullshit quite readily, all the while appearing not to be using a single iota of her own brain. It's quite sad and I feel for her kid's futures. They are going to feel SO fucking stupid when they hit high school.

(Hopefully, by that point, the Creationist bullshit will have been expunged from schools in any form.)

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Psychodiva said...

somehow- depending on where they live- I doubt the kid will feel stupid at all- *cough* (Tex-ass) or some other bable belt midwestern state - in fact- the kid will probably be oneof the more intelligent ones if the mother and father are not related :)