Sunday, 8 February 2009

Jeni Barnett on the MMR

I just sat and listen to her whole verbal-dioreah on the subject of the MMR Jab and I can't help feeling like giving the woman a good slapping. She obviously has NO IDEA what she is talking about and when people call in to give her the facts, she acted smug, superior and condecending.

I mean, seriously. She lauded a Homeopath loving mother who called in, but a doctor and a Health Worker were both shouted down, laughed at and played with.

Now, I heard about all this from the Bad Science blog, where Dr. Ben Goldacre has gotten into some trouble for reproducing her outburt on his blog.

As far as I understand it all, he was using Fair Use to criticise her un-informed opinion, but the company her radio show is owned by, LBC, thinks he is infringeing on their copyright.

Load of bollocks if you ask me, they simply don't like the idea of people hearing her narrow-minded non-scientific ramblings, or having people correct her.

To hear her entire diatribe, follow this link to Wikileaks.

Give Dr.Goldacre any help that you can, because this MMR scare needs to be put to rest, for once and for all. I'm writing in a complaint to Ofcom.

Good ranting.

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