Friday, 21 December 2007

Full seven things meme

7 Things Meme

01) Things/People touching my wrists. Really. I have a wrist phobia. Just try it. I'll scream the house down.

02) The dark. Honest - I still haven't gotten over the childhood fear that someone is in my room, watching me sleep.

03) Spiders. Far too many legs, far too many eyes and omg what the hell is that creepy-ass walk about? ARGH.

04) Hieghts. Every time I get somewhere high, I pretty much want to fall off, or jump, or have images of myself slipping going through my head. I'm not sure whether I fear the actual hieght, or the things that go through my head when I'm up there.

05) Dogs. I was bitten by an alsation/german shepherd when I was young, I still have the scar. Dogs freak me out.

06) Flying. I hate planes. Those things should not fly. I understand the physics, but really, does physics really know what's going on there? I wait for the day physics realises what's going on and decides that several tonnes of flying metal is wrong and drops it.

07) Boats. I also hate boating. Mostly because I have this irrational fear that every boat I'm on is going to sink and I'll be eaten by something that comes up out of the depths and is all tentacles and scales and yukkiness. Also - I don't swim well.

(I'm taking this to mean my office, because really, my bedroom has a bed in it and that's about it)
01) My PC!

02) My bookshelves - full of books. Many many many books. From all sorts of subjects (from physcis to fantasy to religion to manga)

03) My business folder. It's got all my paperwork in it, and my meeting times and my business cards and so on.

04) My sketchbook - the rest of my art stuff is downstairs in my art-corner.

05) My mug of tea. Can't think without my cuppa.

06) My pile of comics. Good reading AND inspiration.

07) My personal CD player. MY PC doesn't have sound, so I have to plug myself in to whatever CD I can find. At the moment it's Greenday - American Idiot.

01) I have very blue eyes. Mom wanted me to have green eyes, like dad, but I've blue - and I rather like them ^^

02) I actually need reading-glasses/art-glasses - but I put them down somewhere a couple of months ago and can't find them oo; So that's why I keep getting headaches when I spend too long at the computer or drawing or reading XD (I'm mildly long sighted and have a bit of a lazy focus, it takes a moment for my eyes to adjust when I change from looking at something far away to something close.)

03) I love to play Sudoku. Really. I have half a dozen books of the puzzles all around the house, ready for me to pick up and play anytime. I average about ten minutes per game.

04) I collect thimbles. Yeah. Little ceramic ones with pictures on them. Every time I go anywhere new, I look in the tack shops trying to find comemorative thimbles. I even made a friend buy me one from Spain when he went there on holiday. My favorite one is a tiny weeny little silver one my Nanna got for me, it's got a little message written around the base 'Naughty Girl' XD

05) I'm a fussy eater. Not in that I'll only eat certain foods, but in that I eat my meals fussily. I seperate my meats from my veg, and the different veg from each other. I cut all the meat up into little bits and then have a little scoop of everything all together for each moutfull. Apparently my Grandad used to love watching me do this when I was little.

06) I have a mild form of OCD (as if you couldn't tell from the previous answer...) which, as well as coming out in the way I eat, also makes me wash my hands religiously, clean surfaces religiously and eat everything in twos. I also line things up a lot. Anything put on the coffee table has to be JUST SO, or I get twitchy. It also comes out in my artwork, I'm very anal about neatness in my work. It's why you very rarely see any 'free sketching' or messy stuff in my galleries.

07) I'm related to Gary Barlow of 'Take That' fame XD we're distant cousins twice removed. Or something. Either way, he's the grandson of one of my Nanna's brothers.

01) Finish writing and publish 'The Empress of Nareku' trilogy.

02) Visit Japan.

03) Re-learn Japanese - I took it in college and was doing really fucking well before I had to quit. So I intend to take it again in the near future. I've been keeping up my hiragana writing - so much so that my japanese friend Natsuki told me my handwriting was better than hers XD

04) Visit each and every one of my online friends XD

05) Have children. Plural. Lots of. I have names picked out already. (Can you tell my clock is ticking?)

06) Work on an X-Men comic for Marvel Comics.

07) Ride in a hot air balloon.

01) Speak along to every single part in the BBC adaptation of 'Pride And Prejudice' - the Jenifer Elhe, Colin Firth version. Really. I annoy anyone watching it with me, because they see me speaking under my breath to each and every character. It's sad. Sometimes I'll say the line just before the actor/actress does, and then get hit in the face with a pillow XD

02) Whistle oo;

03) I know all the words to almost every Christmas song in existence. Even 'All I Want For Christmas' by fuckingMariahfuckingCarey (did I mention I hate that woman?) I have discovered this over the past couple of weeks, because I've had the music chanels on almost religiously and found myself singing along to EVERY Christmas track they put on.

04) Make sushi from scratch! Natsuki taught me how to do it the other night and she told me I do it better than her, and she's been doing it since she was little ^^ I also use chop-sticks as naturally as a well practiced Japanese person apparently.

05) Cook. Though I can't be bothered too most of the time.

06) Crack almost every joint in my body. Though this isn't really something to be proud of, because it just means I'm going to get the arthritis that runs in the family.

07) Read the tarot cards. I don't believe it really works, but I know how to read the things anyway. I have my own really pretty deck.

01) Play chess. I would like to learn.

02) Run. Unless I have too XD and who the hell in this world needs to run anyway? (Ok, fine, I can run, I just don't LIKE running - have you ever tried running with E-Cup boobs? I mean.. ouch x.x it's why I prefer to swim or cycle to get in my exercise)

03) Believe that 'World Of Warcraft' is an interesting game. My other half has recently become addicted. Sometimes I'll sit and watch him play, and really.. why? Maybe it's just because I prefer games like 'Tomb Raider' and 'Prince of Persia', but WoW? Really doesn't interest me.

04) Dance. I can dance the old dances, those are easy, I know what to do with my feet and everything. But I simply CANNOT dance to the new stuff. I cannot go into a club/party and just join in. I have no rhythm and two left feet. (Funnily enough, if you get me tipsy and pull me into a gay club, I can dance fine, so long as the music has a VERY high RPM XD I just pull out the glowsticks and go mad) if I'm ever forced to go to ordinary clubs with people, I tend to find myself sitting watching everyone else dance. I suppose I'm the natural designated driver of the group.

05) Except I can't drive. Legaly. Illegaly, I can drive a car, no problem. I just haven't taken the tests yet.

06) French-plait. Or ordinary plait. I can plait other peoples hair, but whenever I do my own hair, it ends up looking like a rats-nest.

07) Draw old people. There's something to practice.

01) Bollocks! (My favorite swear word)

02) Bloody Hell! (Something that just pops out when I get frustrated)

03) Weird. (a fairly common response to anything someone has said that confuses me)

04) Bin there! (normally while pointing at the TV)

05) Argh!

06) Stupid creatures! (At the cats, whenever they've done something particularly retarded)

07) MEH.

01) Johnny Depp (YUM - who doesn't?)

02) Sandra Bullock (I love her upturned nose!)

03) Allan Rickman (I've liked him for EVER, well before he became Snape)

04) Drew Barrymore (Nice curves and a lovely smile)

05) Allan Davies (don't ask - he's the curly haired one in QI or Jonothan Creek)

06) Dylan Moran (cranky Irish comedian)

07) Selma Hayek (yum - totally yum - hips, boobs, belly, eyes, love her - especially in Dogma)

I do believe I have a thing for the scruffy blokes.


I tag Mom and Sean oo and whomever else wants to give it a go.

I think I'll lay off the memes for a while now though ^^


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Greenday- American Idiot is the only bought album I have of theirs. I think its their best.

I used to be shit scared of heights, climbing Ayers rock sorted that out, luckily i didn't read the plaques dedicated to those who died falling of it before hand.

Fully appreciate the spiders thing, although for me its big hairy huntsman spiders. I can sit cms away from a Red back(black widow) and paint, but put we within 3 metres of a huntsman and I feel extremely uncomfortable.

Flying - try this in a small plane on a rough day. Nothing like feeling like you are falling out of the sky and actually being able to see it at the same time.

On comics I have the original releases of Batman vs predator and X-men number 1 in for different versions.

Blue eyed people are superior - :)

I collect miniatures(with the intention of painting them) my wife collects antique china. When we go to England I dread the thought of having to walk through countless antique shops.

Can't say I am related to anyone famous. My wife on the other hand is distantly related to John Law, the guy who founded New Orleans and started the modern banking system in France. Another distant relative was a general in Napoleons armies.

I say shite a lot but with an Irish accent. Indeed I like trying to do different accents.

Dancing - I can Ballroom dance, Sequence dancing to Latin but put me up their without a partner and I just can't do it.

On celebrity crushes:

Johnny Depp - understandable
Sandra - agree

In fact I approve of all your choices :)

I don't really understand WOW either. Only thing worse is the SIMS.

Psychodiva said...

ok- just have to make it clear that none of it is my fault lol- all those obsessive behaviours - definitely not down to me- must be her father ;)

flying?? how can you not like it- you know I adore flying? and how on earth can you not like flying and heights yet want to ride in a hot air balloon ROFL!! anyway- this weekend i shall catch up on all these memes- I promise :)

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Merry xmas, oh and I am going to post my 7 things a soon as I get over my concussion.

Psychodiva said...

Tagged by an Angry Meme! - on my blog :)

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I am doing this, I am finding it very difficult though to do in one sitting.