Sunday, 2 December 2007

The Golden Compass

This is a rant I've copied over from a friends journal:

Sorry. Edit here. And I'm not sorry for cussing here. Yes I am aware of things like people wanting to boycott the movie because the author is an atheist, and because they think it's 'anti god'.

I just want to point out that actions like that *disgust* me. I can't get over how people now days can actually be so idiotic and bigoted as to persecute someone *for their religious beliefs* because they're not the same as 'yours' (yours meaning the boycotters). Yes, persecute. Get over yourselves people. It was a VERY well written book, and it's an entertaining movie. And having seen it, I know for a fact my kids aren't gonna ask me existential questions based on the flick. They might ask me how a polar bear's jaw can fly off with one blow, but not if there's a god.

And don't tell me this boycott is because he's saying anti god stuff in the movie. FUCK YOU, you lot didn't see it. You lot are planning your boycots because you THINK he says antigod stuff that'll brainwash the kids. *I* saw it, thank you very much, and *I* saw a really facinating concept presented in entertaining fashion. That means you're doing it because you don't like *the writer's personal beliefs* and you think that assaulting his work, his art, and his JOB is the way to be a good little christian.

I'm all for not going to a movie because you don't want to see it. Good on you. The mormons out here generally don't go to R rated movies because they don't feel comfortable with it. But you don't organize an entire boycott because the writer is ATHEIST.

Now Don't get me wrong and think I'm saying they don't have the right to do this. Kay? I KNOW freedom of speech. I KNOW they have the right to organize a boycott and as a very valued friend said 'stand by their convictions'. But you know what, these are the same fuckers who do shit like put advertisements on regular tv about 'remember the reason for the season' with a little christ figure. Or other VERY christian advertisements that I can't fucking boycott because it's ON PUBLIC TV. I flick a channel and I get some 'hey, don't forget god loves you so come to church' message before I can even turn it OFF. You want to get rid of an atheist's flick because it's 'brainwashing' your kids? Fuck you. Take your propaganda commercials off of the fucking television where *my kids* can see it, and then we'll talk.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Pretty much sums up my own feelings on the boycotting of Golden Compass

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Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

You go girl!

It doesn't show here until Boxing day damn it.