Monday, 17 December 2007

Seven Interesting Things meme

I got tagged to do the Seven Interesting Things meme by Sean. Sooo I'll try to think of some things ^^

1: I have a Wrist Phobia. Honestly. I can't stand to have my own wrists touched - not even by myself. I can't stand to see other people touching their own wrists. If someone else touches my wrist I tend to squeal and cringe away. The other day I was researching hand wounds to get some picture-references and accidentally clicked on a link that took me to a wrist wound - I had to leave the room to recover. Imagine how bad it is when I go to the doctor and they need to check my pulse.

2: I love the human body. In all shapes, sizes and colours. I love to draw it and paint it - I would love to learn how to sculpt it.

3: I was born five weeks early. I came out yellow and spent (what was it? a month, two?) under a light with my bum in the air. Apparently I was so small my dad could hold me with one hand. I ain't that small no more.

4: I have met all the current band members of KMFDM. Sascha Konietzko really is a very nice bloke. Now I just have to meet the band members of Ramstien and Oomf to die happy XD

5: I was born in Germany, but I can't speak a word of German. Instead, I took Japanese at college and intend to do so again when I can afford it. In fact, I love languages so much I also want to retrain myself in French and give German a go. I was actually the best in my Japanese class and still write the Hiragana and Katakana scripts when I get the chance.

6: I was filmed for the TV program Casualty when I was eleven or twelve, however, they cut my scene. I was also interviewed for the Paul O'Grady Show last year, but they cut that section of the show!

7: I appear to have a following in the Anime Fan community - specifically the Naruto fan community. It's quite flattering to get so much attention - and of course, I love the inspiration they give me! I'm now working with a fellow fan on a Doujinshi Project!

There you go, seven interesting (?) things about me, for you ^^

Because I don't too many people here on the Blogsphere yet, I tag anyone who wants to do it ^^


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Very interesting. I would love to meet the Rammstein boys as well. I have all their albums - can't speak a word of German either but can say "Up your Bum" in Afrikaans or "In Jou Gat"

My only television appearance has been on national television being interviewed for awareness of prostate cancer.

Psychodiva said...

yes the wrist thing- that was fun when you were growing up lol

hey- don't forget those actors you have met :)