Monday, 3 December 2007

Teddy Named Mohammad - concluded

Gillian Gibson, 54, arrested on charges relating to 'insulting Islam' by allowing her class to name a teddy-bear 'Mohammad' - HAS BEEN RELEASED AFTER A PARDON FROM THE PRESIDENT OF SUDAN.

She was convicted three days ago, and sentenced to fifteen days in prison, reduced to ten for having already spent five in custody.

But late last night, early this morning, after intervention from two British Muslims, who went to Sudan on her behalf, to talk to the President, he agreed to Pardon her.

She is now expected back in the UK within days, maybe hours.

Apparently she is in good health and is reported to have said 'she holds every respect for the Islamic religion'.

Now, while I am happy that this has happened, I am still bloody pissed off that they allowed it to go as far as it did - she shouldn't NEED to be Pardonned. She didn't do anything wrong.

BUT at least she's coming home safe!


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Yes I respect their right to remain backward and ignorant, but not to enforce their stupidity on others.

I won't be going to the Sudan anytime soon.

Hannah King said...

Sean - same. I have a steadily growing list of countries I refuse to visit for one reason or another, and Sudan just got added to it.