Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Blasphemy Challenge

Finally got 'round to it c.c


Griever said...

Do you believe in allowing other people to believe what they want? If it helps somebody, even just in their mind, If it works for them, there's no harm.

Hannah King said...

Griever - so long as what they believe doesn't affect their abilities to reason in the real world, in a realistic fashion, then that's fine. So long as they keep it in their own homes/property and don't indoctrinate their children into them.

However, if it does affect their abilities to reason in the real world (for example, the JWs and their refusal to use blood transfusions, even in life/death situations) or it physically/mentally impinges on their children (for example, circumcision - which in an adult is an acceptable choice, but for a new-born baby is un-asked-for mutilation of their most private parts) then, no.

It can be shown that in most cases, religions, superstitions and other such phenomena, like 'Complimentary and Alternative Medicine' - even if they do 'sooth' people - are deleterious to a persons ability to reason.

Take the 'faith healers' for example - followers of these people place all their faith in them, instead of the real medication and therapies that could save their lives, often living shorter, more painful and monetarily poorer lives before dying needless deaths.

Even if the belief is something benign and 'works for them' - it can lead to quite horrible outcomes.

Griever said...

I know what you mean. I wasn't putting you down in my comment. Just interested in your view on it. Live and let live I guess.

Lorry said...

Nice to finally have a voice to go with your words. ;) Spose I should get off my duff and do one too… might address the "there's no harm" issue too. :-P