Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Went to Bayly's yesterday for the New Years Party thing.

It was more of a get together, Lan-Party thing really XD

The evening started out with a game of Scene It! Lots of shouting and one-up-man-ship ensued XD Which was lots of fun!

Then Sandra went to bed and everyone broke out their 360s and connected them all up and Lindz and I sat and watched the five boys play a huge game of Halo3 together - lots of Grav-Hammer battles XD So much fun to watch - and I swear, the conversations going round the room should have been recorded XD Lots of swearing and yelling at each other and cheating by sneaking peeks (via reflections in windows) at other peoples TV screens XD

We stopped halfway through to watch the fireworks going off (and we all swear, someone was walking around chippenham with a Flare Gun, because flares were being let off, steadily comming closer to us c.c )

Lindz and AJ went home at about 01:30 and Matt, Bayly, Mathew and I broke out Rock Band - Bayly and I took turns as singer and the two Matts took turns on the guitar. Matt and I did best XD Even if I can't sing, I still managed to hit most of the right notes!

There was even a VERY scary french song, which was sung too fast and in French, and I STILL managed to hit most of the notes by singing gobbledygook at it!

Bayly took Matt and I home at about 02:40 ish, apparently mom and dad heard us come in c.c I was loud - I'd had not enough coke with my whisky XD I sent a New Years email to Gilles and then we flopped into bed XD

And we didn't get up until about 15:00 this afternoon c.c

And today, my stomach hates me o.o

All in all - it was a good end to 2008 ^^

Happy New Year!


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Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Sounds like a great party. We got a spot 100 metres from the fireworks. Then we behaved like oldies and went home to bed :)