Tuesday, 20 January 2009

'Homeopathy works!!!111!!' - I caved

I have had the personal experience of using homeopathy for a major part of my life.

Anecdotal evidence is not evidence.

I have been cured of many major ailments through homeopathy. I have seen it work...both in my case and in the cases of many of my friends and family.

Again, anecdotal evidence. Also - it would be nice to know if you/family/friends were first diagnosed by a REAL doctor, or if the homeopathist told you/family/friends you/they were ill and then went on to cure you/them.

I have seen it work in cases where there was absolutely no hope and the traditional doctors had given up.

Again, anecdotal evidence. Also, it would be nice to know if the doctors had really given up, or if your friends simply felt, or believed they had. Also, it would be nice to know if they stopped the real medication and continued using only homeopathic remedies, or if they used both.

I will not want to join issue with you and debate this on your forum..

Then what is this long comment, if not engaging in debate with me? Do you honestly believe you can say all this... non-science, non-evidence, and expect me to leave it?

~ We don't understand the world and its workings completely.

This does not give us leave to accept non-science as reality. Especially when we have most of the information and are discovering more every day.

About a century ago.. we had one kind of idea about the world and we thought we understood it .... Now, a century later we have a slightly different understanding....

Yes. This is called science. Old ideas are scrutinized, from every angle, if they pass muster, they are allowed into the annals of accepted reality/scientific knowledge. If they do not, they are dropped. Homeopathy has not passed muster and is only accepted by the credulous, the pseudo-scientists and the money grubbers. No real scientist, no real scientific study has shown Homeopathy to be anything more than placebo effect.

This will continue into the forseeable future...

Yes, of course. As I said, all scientific theories must pass scrutiny. Even our currently upheld theories are put through the tests. The difference is, that these theories have never been proven wrong, we only add understanding to them.

The bottom line is ...neither science..medical or otherwise can explain..."how life came about"

Abiogenesis. Look it up. This also has nothing to do with Homeopathy or whether or not it works.

...or broadly .."what is the cause of our existence"... Until we can do that our knowledge of the world and its workings are not accurate...

What are you, a Creationist? Abiogenesis. Look it up. And it still has nothing to do with Homeopathy or whether or not it works.

~ Simply because we do not understand ..how something works... doesn't mean that we refuse its existence....

Nobody has ever said otherwise. The problem is that Homeopaths and Homepathic collaborators, fans and well-wishers have all tried to explain how it works - and not a single explanation has been proven correct. It is a very simple thing to prove scientifically, yet all studies have proven negative when conducted in a proper fashion.

I remember the time when my mind was in a cloud regarding 'homeopathy' and I shared the same beliefs that you have put down in this article...

I doubt very much that you have ever shared my beliefs, you strike me as a credulous person - someone who needs to believe in things like this, because it makes you feel better, or special. If you truly ever thought the way I do, you would not have been taken in by the pseudo-scientific nonsense espoused by Homeopaths.

I have since then, paid a heavy price for my obdurance..

I'm sure you did. But again with the anecdotal (and not actually explained) evidence.

Humility, is a wonderful thing ... Not everyone is endowed with it...

This argument is never far from credulous peoples tongues. Apparently anyone who dissagrees with the tenets of alternative medecine, including real doctors and real scientis are all arrogant, self serving, egotistical people, with no ability to feel compassion, humility or empathy. Strangely, I find it is the exact opposite. Ah well.

~ If you want to to really test homeopathy...then check it for its efficacy...

Tests have been carried out, as I said, and every single truly scientific study has proven Homeopathy to be nothing more than placebo and statistically predictable occurances.

with an open attitude...Not with an obdurate one...

In any real scientific study, the feelings of the people conducting the study are not, and should not be, taken into account. The studies are conducted double-blind, unbiased and untainted. They still prove Homeopathy to be false.

Homeopathy may not be able to explain itself...Not yet anyway... But that does mean it doesnt work...or the law governing homeopathy doesnt exist....

If something works, in a real way, then scientifically, it should be able to be explained. There have been many explanations for Homeopathy put forward, all of them proven demonstrably false. The so called 'Law governing Homeopathy' is no law at all. It is silver-tongued Homeopathy advocates missunderstanding true laws, cherry-picking from physics (and misusing what they have cherry-picked, due to once again missunderstanding the laws of physics) and talking an awful lot of babble to hide the fact that they do infact, not understand their own hypothesis.

This is similar to denying the existence of "Electricity" in pre-historic times...By citing that since it was not yet discovered ...It doesnt exist ..or the laws governing electricity don't exist..

Bad analogy, electricity is a natural phenomena - heard of electrical storms? It wasn't suddenly discovered a hundred odd years ago. However, the ability to utilize electricity was. Homeopathy is not the same in any way, shape or form.

Homeopathy sure does work....I am a living witness...

Anecdotal again, I'm afraid. You have not shown Homeopathy to work, niether have numerous scientific studies. Homeopaths themsevles cannot explain in a sufficiently scientific manner how it is supposed to work - and every explanation given has been proven entirely false. So being a 'living witness' means nothing.

I suggest you go and watch these videos on youtube:
This first is James Randi explaining Homeopathy in a way that is easily understandable: James Randi Explains Homeopathy
The following are the videos that make up the most recent scientific study of Homeopathy - which took place last year and was filmed by the BBC for Horizon: Vid 01 Vid 02 Vid 03 Vid 04 Vid 05

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