Thursday, 1 May 2008

Comment on Scientology Reincarnation

Kirsty Alley was interviewd in Playboy - quote found and copy-pasted from The Frame Problem

PLAYBOY: Sounds like you have all the answers. Where do we go when we die?

Kirstie Alley: We just pick another body. We go to the nearest hospital where women are giving birth, find some good-looking parents and jump in. I don’t think there’s a rest period, though there might be a confusion period if you were killed in an accident and knocked out of your body. It would all depend on the shape you’re in as a spiritual being, which is our natural state. The better the shape you’re in, the less confusion. At least that would be my hope. This is just a prison planet–and here’s what it takes to get out: a Get Out of Jail Free card or a Get Off of Planet Earth Free card. You should have one in your wallet or purse at all times, just in case. You know how we’re all looking for the big secret in life? That’s it.

My comment:

The ‘re-incarnation’ thing always gives me pause, with whichever religion is spouting it.

For re-incarnation to work in the way described, you’d have to have a finite number of ’souls’ and a finite number of ‘bodies’. It’s patently obvious that this isn’t the case, because the world-wide population is growing every year, and the population isn’t full of apparently ’soul-less’ bodies. So where are the ‘new souls’ coming from?

In Scientology’s case, there can’t be a big-bad out there constantly dropping more paralised-aliens into volcanoes and blowing them up - otherwise we’d notice. (It would be hard not to notice A-Bomb exploding volcanoes - wouldn’t you think?)

And then - when the soul moves into a new-born body - what happens to the thetan’s attached to the soul in the last body? Does this new body ‘carry-over’ the thetan’s from the last one? Or does it have less and less thetans with every body-jump? And if this is so, doesn’t that mean that eventually, if you’re a Scientologist in every ‘new-body’ at least, you’d simply die one day and never jump to a new body?

It’s all very confusing.


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Is it possible to lower your IQ by reading the thoughts of Kirsty Alley?

Hannah King said...

I certainly hope not >> but I wouldn't be surprised

Ori said...

There are many "understandings" to reincarnations.
You don't necessarily need many souls.
One might be enough.
Reincarnation exists?

Hannah King said...

Ori - you have GOT to be kidding me with that link. Seriously?

'Spend a dollah! Get brilliant life next time!'

First, prove to me that there is a soul at all, THEN prove to me that reincarnation actually happens, THEN prove to me that these people can actually provide what they are apparently selling.

All I'm getting from that website is Pascal's Wager!

'What do you believe?
Which would you prefer?
Will you at least do the minimum you can, just in case?'

Load of old hooey.