Friday, 16 May 2008

Waging War on Penine Computers x______x

The bastards promised to call ahead today and then drop off my computer.

They have done nither.

Pissed off is no longer even barely suitable to cover my feelingso n this matter.

On Monday, I am going to pop in to Citizens Advice and book an appointment to get Legal Advice over this.

Updates when I get them.



Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I hate when they do that. You are left waiting all day for their call.

Hannah King said...

They've been stalling and giving us the run around for three weeks now. It's ridiculous.

Donna said...

Hannah- Whom is the Lisa McPherson that is somehow connected with Scientology? I clicked on "Anonymous" on your mom's blog & it directs ya to a site where it's talking about coming out against Scientology (which I get, etc.) but it says "Justice for Lisa McPherson"
What happened to her?

AND you said it- talking about your
own country being taken over by all the foreigners. THAT is how
some of "us" feel with all the "illegals" that have flooded the U.S. GO HOME!!!!!!

Hannah King said...

Donna - Lisa McPherson was a young woman killed by the actions of Scientologist's. She was seen to be in a car accident one afternoon, completely naked and 'raving' - the authorities took her to hospital and were treating her in a psychiatric ward.

Scientologist representatives removed her, on the grounds that 'she does not believe in psychiatry and we can take better care of her.'

She was spirited away and the next time anyone saw her, something like 18 days later, she was dead. She was malnurished, severely dehydrated, covered in bruises and had been repeatedly bitten by insects.

For more information go to these links:

youfoundthecard is a user-friendly, easy to get through webpage.

whyaretheydead lists all the known deaths linked to Scientology.

lisamcpherson is a page specifically about Lisa herself.

For more information on Scientology as a whole, go to this link: or 'Operation Clambake' is a thoroughly detailing of everything shady about Scientology and it's proponents.

Hope these links help ^^