Sunday, 4 May 2008

Court action? Off-line update

Yupp - this may well end up as court action. Though at the moment, it's simply the THREAT of court action.

Basically, my new computer has now finally given up the ghost.

My NEW COMPUTER has decided there is no hardrive. It freezes on the POST page for fucks sake.

This has been causing nothing but grief for me as the business owner and Matt as my computer go-to.

I cannot work with a computer that freezes every 5 to 20 mins, and Matt is getting fed up going back and forth to the guys who built it, and getting fobbed off with what amounts to bullshit.

Finally, today, it started freezing with little more than thirty-second's worth of the computer actually working. And it kept doing this, right up until it decided there is no hardrive.

So Matt took the side off and tested evrything he could and it appears to be a motherboard problem.

He's going to go back to these guys on Tuesday and he has my leave to threaten court action over the loss of revenue to my business - as I've had serious problems actually working on my commissions due to these faults, and I am currently unable to work on the commission I am half-way through.

So. Unfortunately, my CG commissions will have to be put on hold until this is sorted out.

My traditional commissions are still ongoing.

Ugh. Updates when I get them.

*Written using Matt's computer.


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Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Should be under warranty hey? Should be an easy fix, how legit were these guys?