Friday, 30 May 2008


I found this little article in the Daily Mail (Yes, I do unfortunately read the Daily Mail, I am unashamed to admit it) and I felt I had to leave my comment.

Oh stuff it up your ancient frilly knickers, you bunch of close minded, stuffy old religionistas. It's a simple illustration, depicting an non-real, fantasy creature. Said fantasy creature has always been the manifestation of sea-fairers sexual desires. If they want to cover up this simple little piece of design, they should take into acount the hundreds of thousands of much more salacious images to be found in any given art gallery, art book, art school, temple, church and so on. An utterly ridiculous reaction, indicative of the religious outlook, 'lets complain about something that offends us on a purely aesthetic level, but completely ignore that far more pressing issues of reality.' Utterly stupid.

Yeah. Don't know whether it will be posted, so I thought I'd copy it over.


Psychodiva said...

rofl- I doubt that the conservative W****** who write the Daily blurb will let that one through :) I like it though :)

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Nice piece but maybe a bit too harsh for their delicate sensibilities.