Sunday, 25 May 2008

Late night trip to the vets

Copy pasted from last nights LiveJournal Entry:

Our evening and BBQ went well until about 21:00 when we noticed a lot of blood all over the garden.

We tracked it down to Moogle - we think she must have caught herself on some glass or something, because there was this HUGE and DEEP gash on her back right paw, bleeding all over the place.

I called up the only PDSA open at this time of night on a weekend and they told us to apply pressure for 5 - 10 mins and if it stops she'll be alright with an appointment on monday. We tried it, and it didn't work.

SO I called them back and we arranged to turn up in an hour or so. Matt did the rounds to find someone we know who drives - he eventually got Kam, and she agreed to take us to the PDSA just outside Bimingham c.c

We bundled Moogle up and drove her down. Matt waited in the car with Kam while I took Moogle in.

The vet gave her a look over and I and the male-nurse held her while he cleaned the wound and checked it (poor Moogle was in so much pain she nipped me - and this from a cat who has never bitten anything in the entire 18 months we've had her)

The vet decided she needed stitches (and I'm telling you, after watching him clean this wound, it was HUGE and DEEP, like woah) and so I had to sign a form to allow them to put her under and then I was waiting for twenty mins.

They brought Moogle out after about twenty mins or so, let me know that she's still doped up, has had some anti-biotics and painkillers. We're not allowed to feed her and we have to make sure she doesn't take the bandage off (whole leg thing, she looks like she's got a club attached to her leg c.c)

We're going to keep her in our room overnight with a small bowl of water. We've got to book an appointment with the local PDSA for either Monday or Tuesday (depending on whether or not they're open on Bank Holidays) so they can change the bandage and check her over to make sure she's healing alright.

We still don't know what did it >>

And she's still in the catbox, eyes huge and black, all doped up and half-asleep and apparently pissed off with us for inflicting her with vets ^^;


Psychodiva said...

Awww Moogle :(

Hannah King said...

The stupid creature managed to take her bandage off overnight - but the stitches are still in and holding fine. That really is a huge wound - it was quite freaky >>

She's all love and hugs today - still slightly stoned from the look of her though XD