Saturday, 31 May 2008

Attack of the pain fairies

I've been attacked by the random pain fairy again.

I'm now so drained, I'm having problems staying awake.

I still don't know what his pain is - but try to imagine all your internal organs, simultaneously deciding to SCREAM at you, wrapping their hate all around your torso from just under your breasts to just above your womb (front and back). And it lasts for about half an hour and nothing makes it stop, however you try to position your body.

I ended up sprawled over the sofa, clenching my fists and occasionally smacking the wall in frustration.

I get completely randomly attacked by this - there are no indications of it before it happens and it happens at different times of the day. It's never happened in concordnce with something I've eaten/drunk. It's like I said, completely fucking random.

The last time it happened, it struck at about 6am and I spent an HOUR in the livingroom trying not to cry. When I saw the doctor he said it sounded like muscle spasms and that I should take pain killers.

I had actually taken Ibuprofn for it, but it didn't work. This time I had taken cocodamol just twenty minuets before the pain hit - so fucking painkillers don't affect it.

Though for the most part, I'm happy that it's so far only happened every few months.

Anyway - it happened earlier and now I'm tired and feeling nauseous. So I'ma go relax for a bit.


Psychodiva said...


remember you may have inherited all my stomach abdomen stuff- we'll send you to my doc when you get here :)

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I used to get migraines that no painkiller would dent and for no apparent reason, fucking frustrating to say the least.

Hannah King said...

Mom - I hadn't thought of that - but a friend has just told me my description matches his exactly for when he had an ulcer c.c

should I pop in to the docs on monday?

Sean - oh, I get migraines too - not as bad as mum or my brother, but I get them - I HATE them >>

Psychodiva said...

yes - go to docs soonest :)