Saturday, 8 November 2008

Calculate the level of your Delusion

Found this on a REALLY old Pharyngula post.

I calculate at a neat zero XD How about you lot?


Psychodiva said...

a neat 5 for me I'm afraid- I am a great believer in sitting and letting the thoughts flow in order to get an answer that is in your brain somewhere- I guess it may be just my profession ? :)

Adrian Hayter said...

Hehe, I love this video.

Just noticed you linked to my blog, and that we both come from the same area (Wiltshire, UK)! Wow! :D


alcyone said...

I was a bit torn on the same question psychodiva brings up. I mean, when does something stop becoming "normal" thought? If I think reeeeeeally hard, it's abnormal (in that I don't do it all the time) but not paranormal, though I may think of something I wouldn't otherwise.

Psychodiva said...

I'm in Wiltshire too :)

one of these days I shall get off my butt and organise a meetup- in a pub of course :)

Hannah King said...

Adrian - we really should collect together as many people in the area as we can and all meet up in a pub or something XD