Friday, 21 November 2008

Homeopathy revisited

That guy I was discussing Homeopathy with on YouTube has returned, and this time he's sent me a video:

one more video you can debunk..
Attack him also and try to prove that it does not work


This is getting old fast. In fact, it got old ages ago >>

'skeptomaniacs'? Pardon? If you want to be taken seriously - why have you made such a ludicrously inane video?
Has anyone yet proven that water has a memory? Let alone a selective memory?


So I sent him a message, in response to his sharing this wonderful, informative video with me:

John Benneth has contacted me before with his views on Homeopathy - and after failing miserably to answer any of my really rather simple questions, has not since been in contact.

His video is simply more of the same - unfounded assertions and idiocy. That video is supposed to make me take him seriously? It doesn't - that video makes him look like an idiot.

Anyone who had real research to back up their claims, would simply offer up that research - instead, what Benneth does is ridicule and jest and basically make himself out to be a fool.

This does not help his cause. It also doesn't help his cause that a lot of the so called 'research' he does offer is decades old and frequently discounted or un-scientific or, quite often, not peer-reviewed and thus not worth bothering with.

You need to find something more convincing than that, I'm afraid.

Thankyou for the bother anyway, though.