Friday, 7 November 2008

Prophecies R Us - follow-up

It looks like people are jumping to Psychicgirl's defence, for the most part.

He actually did win, but it was stolen from him through voter fraud. I wonder how many people voted multiple times?


Arrogance is mankind's worst enemy. I blind us and stops us from truly seeing with our spirint and not our history loaded minds. Clear up, cheer up, you made a mistake, now keep on going. The earth is calling you to be part of the transformation. Embrace it.


My own read on the circumstances and the astrology leans me towards the belief that there will be several assasination attempts against the president elect. He has been elected, not inaugerated. No one should be cocky about their predictions, or about dissing another for their predictions since everything is subject to free will.


And Damianos has finally posted her latest Prophecy, as promised.

The hand I see placed on the bible being sworn in as President #44 is that of Hillary Clinton. The universe intended for Hillary to be our next President ------- not Barack Obama. I've said it before, he will be found guilty of treason.


I can't wait for the swearing in to come around, I look forward to seeing if any of these prophecies actually come true XD

Oh, it will be so much fun to do a follow-up with negative results!