Friday, 28 November 2008

High Heels For Babies

So, mum dropped the paper on me earlier and I gave it a read through.

An article caught my eye: High Heels For Babies - Mothers attack shoes that turn infants into 'sex objects'

Does anyone else find these things despicable?

I know they're soft and spongy and have little or no effect on the feet, but that's beside the point.

Those things are hideous and veritably scream 'tart'.

What the hell kind of woman puts high-heeled shoes on her baby? It's bad enough seeing real high-heeled shoes on toddlers and prepubescents - now they want to put them on babies?

Isn't it enough that those toddlers and prepubescents are getting sexualised far too early for their own good? Isn't it enough that a pedophile takes anything even remotely hinting at 'maturity' as an excuse? Isn't it enough that our children are growing up too quickly already, without forcing them further?

These shoes disgust me right down to my very fibre. You certainly won't see me buying these disgraceful attempts at 'fun fashion' for my own children when I have them.

I hope these things get boycotted into oblivion.

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Rational Mommy said...

I know defenders of these things will say it's just for fun, but please. Babies are fun by themselves. You don't need to dress it like a streetwalker to have fun with a baby. I don't see what's so fun about that. Is there a matching bustier and whip?

To be honest, I think high heels on adults are ridiculous too, but I've never been one to sacrifice health and comfort for fashion.