Sunday, 2 November 2008

What is it with conspiracy theorists?

Re: your video about the number 11

To put it bluntly, all you've done is (very biasedly, might I add) ascribe meaning to a random number and search for words, phrases, names, titles and so on that fit to that pre-determined number/meaning combination.
There is nothing meaningful to any of this, certainly nothing beyond what you add to it yourself, in your own head.
You can choose any number you like and do the same thing and still find hundreds of words, phrases, names and titles that fit. It's not a conspiracy, it's selective thinking and personal bias.
Guess what - there's a whole huge list of eleven letter words out there, here's a few of them for you:
buckskinned bucktoothed bucolically budgerigars buffalofish buffleheads bulkinesses bullbaiting bulldoggers bulldogging bulletining bulletproof bullfighter bullfinches bullishness bullmastiff bullterrier bullwhipped bullyragged bumbershoot bumpinesses bumptiously bureaucracy bureaucrats burglarious burglarized burglarizes burgomaster burlesquely burlesquers burlesquing burlinesses burnishings bushinesses bushmasters bushrangers bushranging bushwhacked bushwhacker businessman businessmen butterballs butterflied butterflies butterflyer buttermilks
And that's just a selection from the 'B's.

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