Friday, 28 November 2008

Evolution Fails Much 2

He replied.

Him: I rarely check this account anymore, and I don't have time to read the whole comment, but I'm not sure I understand how the plain denial I saw, the sudden brow-beating, and of course, saying 'all creatures are a proof of evolution' resolve any issues.

After the discussions I had here, it became apparent that I was far too sarcastic, which I apologise for, and that in the end, if there is no god, evolution makes sense, if there is, then it is as easily discarded.

Humanity cannot prove either way, so it cannot be proved unless some divine moment happens to prove in the positive.

So did I.

Me: 'plain denial'? Of what? I denied nothing. I refuted your unscientific and downright annoying claims and assertions, but didn't deny anything.

The 'sudden brow-beating' was in response to those very claims and assertions that were most annoying - it is evident from your 'essay' that you have no understanding whatseover of evolution, and that lack of understanding makes your decision to write an essay refuting it utterly ridiculous.

Actually, 'all creatures' do prove evolution - by their very natures. As I said in the comment you couldn't be bothered to read, all you have to do is do some real research. Look into genetics for a start.

Yes, you were far too sarcastic - you were also arguing from ignorance. Before you undertake to write an essay on a subject, research it first - then maybe you won't be made to look a fool when people who have actually done that research themselves come and tell you about it.

Actually, there are plenty of Theists who accept evolution, from all sorts of religions. If you want to say GodDidIt - you'll first have to track down which one in particular of the myriad gods you mean. There are an awful lot of them, as I'm sure you aught to know. Evolution does not need the absence of a diety to be proven - it has plenty of real world evidence to back it up - you just appear to have ignored or lied about it all, so evolution is in fact NOT easy to discard.

I should think the fact that evolution CAN be proven and GodDidIt can't, should be very telling. To assert such an extraordinary hypothesis, you need equally extraordinary evidence to back it up - and there is none. None at all. And it also just happens that the person making the claim is the one who needs to prove it - it is not the recipients obligation to disprove it.

You obviously have no understanding of anything even vaguely scientific, so I suggest you give up your pretentions and leave the science and understanding to those who do.

And there I shall leave it, because the little upstart has gotten on my nerves.

(Hrm, it occurs to me that I take these things too much to heart... But then, when a seventeen year old writes such drivel about something he's obviously misunderstood, or not been taught properly, I feel the urge to correct them... Maybe I should figure out where he goes to school and give his science teachers that 'essay'...)

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