Monday, 11 May 2009


That 19 year old kids response to my last message:

you talk alot but i'll only give you five simple questions to answer

1. how come were perfectly away from the sun.

2 how come we can create large buildings.

3. how come monkeys don't have jobs like real humans do

4. can monkies get married

5.can a horse breed an elephant?



Psychodiva said...

It's about this point that you will feel like giving up lol- I think that if they had a brain cell to share between them it could actually be part of a cunning plan to wear us down with inane and useless questions- BUT DON'T GIVE UP!!

answer those questions- use dripping sarcasm if necessary- after all he won't understand it. Irony is good too- makes you feel better but they don't get it - there it goes sailing right past them :)

you might want to pose some questions of your own like:

if this god of yours made you so perfect why did he leave out the brain?


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

No, nothing intelligent to say here. Mind you I could fart a tune that has more intellect then this kid

Psychodiva said...

go on then :) dare ya!

seriously- I think an amoeba could fart a tuneless ditty by Mott the Hoople that would make more sense than this 'person'

Hannah King said...

I've had some wonderful ideas from various net-friends on how to reply to this latest atrocity - I'll post my reply so y'all can read and be amused XD