Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Response to a Chick Tract

A kid (I say 'kid' - he's 19) I was discussing Christianity with a while ago, sent me a completely random out-of-the-blue PM yesterday, containing one single line of text.

Yes, that's right - it's the link to a Chick Tract!

Specifically the one titled 'The Choice'.

Here's some excerpts:

And my response:

I really hate Chick-tracts, not just because they're terrible, but they're so badly drawn. As an artist, they offend me on that artistic level.

As an atheist, they offend me, because the 'atheist' in them is always ugly, or belittled, or stupid, or miserable - or basically, a stupid caricature of something that doesn't exist.

None of the atheists I know, and I know MANY, are stupid, or ugly, or belittled or miserable. We are happy, intelligent, fulfilled and beautiful people, who manage to be all this, without the need for any outside force.

As for this tract itself? What a load of hogwash.

What about the babies? A two year old child dies. They are developing a personality and an understanding of right and wrong. They are killed or die of an illness. WHERE DO THEY GO? According to that tract, they go to hell!

A two year old child has no idea of any god or gods, they are far to young to understand such things. So where is the good and loving in this act?

What about the tribes-people who live in the middle of the asian forests? They've never heard of any christian god, or jesus - in fact, they've never met any humans other than their own people. Yet this tract says THEY will go to hell, as well. For simply having not heard of Jesus? Where is the good and loving in this act?

What about the mentally ill and the mentally disabled? These people are far less likely to be able to understand what a god is, let alone be able to worship him or 'repent' of sins. Yet, once again, this tract says THEY TOO will go to hell - for not being able to understand! Where is the good and loving in this?

And so we come to the ordinary atheist. Atheists use the brains they were born with, they live blameless lives, they protect their own families and those of strangers, they give to charities, they further human knowledge, they look after animals, they fight for human rights, they right wrongs. Yet, for the simple choice of using their brains, and ASKING FOR EVIDENCE that they NEVER GET, they too will go to hell? Where is the good and loving in this act?

Lastly, I would like to point out that that tract is WRONG. There is NO CHOICE.

Lets put it in simple terms:

Father: You can paint your room any colour you like!
Son: Yay! Can I paint it blue?
Father: No - it has to be orange. But you can paint it any colour you like.
Son: But.. so can I paint it blue?
Father: You can paint it blue, if you don't mind being tortured for doing so. Paint it orange.
Son: But you said I can paint it any colour I like!
Father: Of course you can! But it has to be orange. Any other colour and I will have to torture you. I don't want to torture you, but I will have to.
Son:...but that's not a choice!
Father: Sure it is. Paint it orange - or - paint it another colour and be tortured! That's a choice!
Son: ... no it isn't.

Do you see my point? THIS IS NOT A CHOICE. You don't want to be tortured, but you have NO OTHER OPTION. A choice would have more than those two options. This is coercion, NOT choice.

Your god is despicable.

Oh. And trying to threaten an atheist with hell, is like, I dunno - threatening YOURSELF with the Muslim hell.

You don't believe in the Muslim hell, do you? So you don't worry about it - there's been no evidence to make you believe in it, so you don't believe in it, and you don't worry about it - do you?

It's exactly the same with atheists - we just go one hell further. There's been no evidence to convince us that YOUR hell exists, so we don't believe in it and we don't worry about it.

Have a good day.


P.S. - Would you still like me to answer your previous post? I will if you want, I was about halfway through finding all the quotes, when I got sick of reading how disgusting your bible is.

I paraphrased that Father/Son story from somewhere, but for the life of me, I simply can't remember where. Does anyone know?

Also, I adore the way education (and by association, of course, critical thinking), is of the devil and thus evil. I also love the way the 'young people/atheists' are represented by what appear to be punks, or bikers - as if the only young people who are atheists are those who outwardly eschew convention.

Oh - and that picture of what I'm guessing is some sort of gorilla, or chimp, some primate of some sort at any rate (his art really is just that crap) - is supposed to be a dig at evolution? Very clever of Chick, really.

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