Sunday, 10 May 2009

'Say you weren't raped in jail and we'll let you live'

I can't find this same version of events being reported in other papers, so maybe Daily Mail is being inflamatory again, but if it's true, I'm more than a little bit disgusted.

'Say you weren't raped in jail and we'll let you live', pregnant British woman told in Laos prison

I left a comment, after seeing the amount of comments suggesting she be left to her fate. Which is, actually, the firing squad (though not while pregnant - I hate to think what they'll do with the child once she has it - will it be given to a local orphanage? Or will it be sent to her family in the UK? Or will she keep it with her? What?)

What the hell, people? The top six comments on the main list are telling this woman to serve her time. Do they even know what her sentence IS? Death by firing squad!

If she had done this in a country where ALL she would face is a prison term, then fine, I would be behind it 100% - but this woman faces death by being shot!

And telling her the only way to be sent home is to say she wasn't raped? I'm sorry - she's been in there for ten months, the pregnancy obviously occured as a result of being in there. If it WASN'T rape, then fine. If it WAS, she shouldn't be forced to lie about it, to save her life!

This situation is despicable, however you look at it.

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