Friday, 8 May 2009

Venomfangx is gone???

I've just heard - Venomfangx (Creationist, Young-Earther, all around complete and utter berk) has closed his Youtube account and shut down his website!

So far jordanowen42 and gogreen18 and amazingatheist have all Vlogged about his apparent departure.

He claims he has left the internet, due to 'death threats' from 'muslims' - though he gives no proof of this.

There are mixed reactions so far - nobody knows quite whether he's telling the truth (though he has an extensive track record of lying) or if he's lying to protect his dignity (some are even postulating that his parents shut him down, amusingly enough!).

I'm not entirely sure whether to believe it yet. He's got that track record, you see, of lying and show-boating and so on. So, I'll wait and see whether he comes back - especially considering he recently set up his 'ministry'.

Here's the Vlogs so far.


Don't know if this is actually Venom of not, but it's certainly all his videos - or a goodly proportion of them at any rate.


Either he's created himself a new account (he's done it before) or someone has mirrored his account. I'm sure we'll know in time.

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Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Ah that little toe rag. Ah well I am sure an evangelical with half the intelligence( is that possible?) will sprout up in his place.