Thursday, 7 May 2009

Patricia Putt - Randi challenge results in

A 'Psychic Medium' named Patricia Putt (or 'Ankhara' when she's working, from the looks of her website) took up the Million Dollar challenge at the JREF.

The results are now in for the preliminary round. She had to pen psychic readings for a number of volunteers, and five or more of those volunteers had to recognise their own reading from the collection for her to pass.

None of them did. She failed the Preliminary round and has to go home.

I'm not in the least bit surprised - but apparently she's taking it will and only blames her own powers for failing.

Find info here.

And her own website here.

A 'Bad Psychic' review of her.

A BBC Inside Out report.

Digital Journal; Science OpEd piece on the test.

The JREF Forum catalogue of the test procedure and events.

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